Community Service

Vintage Expresso is not only a brand, but a platform for community service. We have developed a campaign entitled “Fight For The Cause” which aims to empower individuals going through life threatening illnesses to keep fighting. How you ask? With the help of our faithful and supportive customers, we donate portions of our proceeds to global causes to raise awareness about life threatening illnesses. There are four causes we regularly donate to: Keep A Child Alive that focuses on HIV treatment, The National Breast Cancer Foundation which assists in breast cancer research, the American Diabetes Association which assists individuals with diabetes, and The Make A Wish Foundation which grants wishes for children with cancer. Not only do we donate, we actively serve in the local community as well. We partnered up with Central Union Mission DC Homeless Shelter and provide them annually with a coat drive. We also provide inner-city schools with school supplies and Christmas gifts.

Excerpt from the CEO’s personal statement: “For me volunteering is another opportunity to serve and learn. My happiest moments are when I’m volunteering. For a brief moment, I realize my problems are miniscule compared to a large percentage of our population. Whenever I’m giving and inspiring others, they inspire me in return. Since I could remember, I’ve always been fascinated with the hardships that people have had to endure. Hearing stories of how this person made it through this or how that person survived made me realize that I wanted to be a solution. In 2011, I created an online clothing store as a platform I could use to conduct community service initiatives. My interest in fashion came naturally; as it was a way to make people feel better about their outward appearance. In the past three years, I’ve organized multiple coat drives for the homeless, provided Christmas gifts to inner-city middle school students, sponsored back-to-school drives and donated a portion of my company’s proceeds to world-renown research organizations. I never miss an opportunity to make someone’s day.”